DOWNLOAD AUDIO : Ice Cent – Ololufe |@Ice Cent


Nigeria’s Youngster and Republic’s
front-liner Ice Cent breaks years of silence with a captivating Love song which he entitled “ Ololufe “. The brand new and breath taking music was produced by emerging producer, G-Ben . This jam is a hit “ Ololufe“, i smell it! Try download your free copy and share your thoughts about this hit… Enjoy! 


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DOWNLOAD AUDIO : Hansom Ft. Martino Elcasino – If Not You |@Hansomofficial


Adamawa based music act, Hansom debuts a brand new single, If Not You featuring Arewa’s lyrically inclined talent Martino Elcasino.

Download, listen and share your love on this Valentines day with “If Not You” by Hansome… Enjoy!


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DOWNLOAD AUDIO : Ben Khalifa Ft. Femstar, Flablaiss, Mickey Deviper, Jevillz, Ice Cent, Moflex, Joevan & Lil Tekwa – TOGETHER | @Ben_khalifa King

The story of this song TOGETHER  is behind the existance of VIOLENCE and unpeacefull living in our community, country and the whole world 🌏. The TITLE of the song TOGETHER is been founded by BEN_KHALIFA in which after a sucessfull Villa Got Talent Show in GIREI, BEN_KHALiFA say why not as we come together to support the movement of this Talent show, so also lets come together all with (Ben_khalifa, Femstar, Flablaiss, Joavan, Moflex, Jevillz, Ice CentMickey Deviper, Lil _Tekwa) to sing a together peace song and they all buy the Idea 💡 . This song is been supported under the wheel of V. E. E/Mmcity Entertainment and Hosted by Ben_khalifa King. This song is dedicated to each and every one in the all world 🌏. The lyrics tune is behind the tune wave of coming together to make change, Love, Success and peace in other to fix things and to embrace paecefull core existance within us. This song is really a message to you and to the world… Enjoy


……..#P E A C E #………

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DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Fresh A – Soyayya |@FreshA


Respect Base Music Entertainment present her  20 year old Auwal Abubakar  a.k.a Fresh A born and raised in the city of Jimeta, Adamawa  state, Nigeria. He’s been affiliated with music since he was 9 years and started writing his own lyrics at 10.  Now after a very much anticipation from his fan’s, the young talented act has decided to unleashed a new love song to thrill his lovers for the valentine, which he entitled ” Soyayya” (prod. By Mickey Deviper)…Enjoy!

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Unique City Entertainment , a newly established record label in Yola, has officially announced the signing of its new act RAPLOAD into the record label. RAPLOAD is doing something different from many young musicians, he is talented and has a unique sound that appeals to today’s new school and he definitely has what it takes to thrive in the music world ,” says the CEO of Unique City Entertainment.


The fast rising Rapper is not a new face in the music industry. He has worked with a few established acts in Yola like Maupheen, A’One , Lazz and many others. Influenced by Biggie and Tupac,  refers to his type of music as Hip-Hop/Rap. 

“Its an honor for me to be joining the Unique City Entertainment family, I believe this is a new opportunity for me to showcase my talent. I am excited about the future and can’t wait to continue releasing good music,” Rapload says.

The 20 year-old rapper was born and raised in Jimeta Yola. He is the first child of a family of Seven. 

At Unique City Entertainment, we believe in helping young talents achieve their goals. CEO, We are happy to have Rapload on board and we are confident in his abilities, the CEO of Unique City Entertainment concluded.

Congratulations Rapload!

DOWNLOAD MP3/LYRICS : Flablaiss – Red Alert |@Flablaissofficial 

Unique City Entertainment present FLABLAISS, who recently took the industry by storm after the successful released of his afro pop  “Iyawo Mi“.  Now after a very much anticipation from his fan’s , the young multi talented phenomenal Singer/Rapper,  who is set to prove over time to be way above the average league,  is back again with the much anticipated Hip Hop/Rap music entitled “Red Alert” (prod. Lex) . On a rhythmic signature beat to make magic with punchlines, wordplays, smart lyrics and a sublime flow to keep you nodding… Enjoy

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Check out the lyrics below :-


Is  been a while, is been really
Is been a while but am back for some minutes
I thought i told mehn I’m tight (Tie) with the game, but y’all thought  i was gonna quit right?

Hahaha No way, No way
I gat Hip Hop on my neck, so ama do this forever… get that ,
I gat Hip Hop on my neck, so ama do this forever,  do you understand that?… get that

                 [VERSE 1] 

Ahhn yeah i set the microphone ablaze ahhn
Am still on deck, so you can never occupy my space
My flight mode activate, watch me high than these airplanes
Now feel the pain flowing, cos ama fire burning through your vein
With a Hit after hit call me Barry Bonds
Now I’m getting gold medal and y’all n**gas getting bronze.. Danger
Skull and bones all over my zone
Like a hurricane, you know am stronger than storm boy (Stormbwoy)
Itching up the game to the core
Am itching up the game to the core, even to the hardcore
Yeah ama beast in this game
Ama rap beast in this game that you never had dor
Is my Time, is my Turn
Ama strike these motherf**king haters like a python
My blow Mike Tyson
So when i make one step forward, you step backward
One time kid on the block  n**ga
Ama two times kid on the block  n**ga
Three times kid on the block  n**ga
So me everyday on the block  n**ga…. bless

You never expect this these right?
You never expect these, from this A-Team player right ? 

Roll out the red carpet
Roll out the red carpet, ama tell you this boy is coming through…. Let’s go get em

                 [ VERSE 2] 

Hold up, y’all n**gas hold up
911 in the street mehn y’all n**gas hold up
Hold up y’all n**gas hold up
911 in the street so y’all n**gas hold up
Is confection when i bring it on topping
Undertaking non-stopping , ama put ya in coffin ahhn
Turning down the city like Titanic
With a flow satanic , i make these n**gas panic ahhn
My Dream on even when i see Frueger bruh
Always going high , like I’m smoking a hookah bruh
I’m red hot ,  real sh*t on the Cooker bruh
Out for the killings , I’m talking about billions (Word)
Is all clear like a picture
Diamonds in the sky shinning bright for the future
Trigger ama pull for you n**gas
Trigger ama pull for you n**gas if hate on my ambition (Word)
I’m slaying these guys
I’m slaying these guys , boy with my style
I’m up in the sky
I’m up in the sky boy,  cos am a star boy (starboy)… Get it, get it, get it
Ama starboy… Get it, get it
I’m Streaming and breaking up dykes
This n**ga be this , this n**ga be that
But say what you wanna and say what you like
I don’t give a fig ,  I’m already hype like a star boy (starboy) 


Motherf**kers do you hear me?  I know you heard that
You can hate me but you can never hate that
Anyway is your boy Flablaiss
I’m out for real

Follow Flablaiss On

Facebook : Flablaiss Joshua Urbanus
Twitter : Iamflablaiss
Instagram : Flablaissofficial
Call or Whatsapp : +2347088459134

DOWNLOAD AUDIO :Mickey Deviper Ft. DalahDawa – Sarauta |@Mickey Deviper 

Base on Popular Demand Mickey De Viper Adamawa Base Artist Features The Arewa Number One Twins DalahDawa Drops A Hit Track Called SARAUTA The Most Lyrical Exploration Of Arewa Music You I”ll Hear Dope Lyrics From This Northern Nigeria Download And Listen Share Your Thoughts

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10 Steps to Success for Independent Music Artists 

Step #1

Realize that no one is waiting for your music. If people are going to become fans of your music, you must approach the promoting of your live shows and the promotion of your CD releases with the same planning and professionalism as the artists whom you admire have promoted their music. Marketing music has changed radically in the age of the Internet and social media. That technology has the potential to take your music to the world. But knowing that it is up to you to let the world know about your music, is an important first step to take as a responsible independent musician.

Step #2

Avoid telling people in the music business that your music is “good”. It is a much overused and weak word. A&R reps, music directors at radio stations, the music press, and buyers at distributors and stores presume you think your music is “good,” because you put it out to begin with! When they listen to it, they will decide if it is the kind of “good” music that they feel can get behind and be proud of supporting from their position of power in the music industry. And let’s face it, it is the public who will ultimately decide if your music is “good” by buying it or not. That’s not say, you shouldn’t talk up your music. But use your words; shape an elevator pitch that accurately reflects what you and your music are about.

Step #3

Use the Internet and all its tools to your advantage. Besides having your own domain name and website where you promote releases and shows, you’ll probably want a presence on the main social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But don’t over-commit your time. If you spend all day working on social media, what happens to your music? It’s better to skip some social media rather than do a poor or infrequent job of staying in touch with your fanbase. And of course, you’ll want to make access to your music easy through YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes Store, CD Baby and the like. Last, but definitely not least, build and use an email list to stay connected with your fans. Permission-based marketing using emails to your fanbase is a proven winner—these are folks who said they wanted to stay in touch!

Step #4

Thank people who help you. You might be surprised how often music reviewers, DJs at college radio stations, and club bookers don’t get thanked by artists. So, make their day by sending a card, a small thank-you gift, or simply by giving them a shout out on the tray card of your next CD. Some artists tend to feel they are owed something because of their talent. Guess what… they aren’t. Being grateful and thankful are essential qualities for success. Cultivate them and watch the doors open.

Step #5

Play gigs outside of the usual clubs that cater to your genre of music. Branch out a bit, consider gigs at schools, fairs, festivals and perhaps parks in the summertime. So many artists think that the only valid venues to play are the clubs. Look around, start noticing where you see performers playing music, and ask yourself if that venue isn’t a valid one for you. Give your fans more than one place to see you perform while finding new followers. And at every gig, be sure there is an email signup sheet. Did I mention staying in touch with fans via emails is golden?

Step #6

Listen to other kinds of music beyond your own particular genre. There is much to be learned from other styles. All music offers a vast reservoir of new melodies and rhythms to experiment with, and to incorporate into your unique sound. If the future of music promises anything, it is the ongoing mix of old and new styles coming together in profoundly new ways.

Step #7

Remember that the record labels don’t know what they are looking for, but with any luck, they will recognize it when they hear it. Work on developing your own signature sound rather than trying to shape something to please A&R people or future fans. Strive to find your own true identity through your music. And don’t feel like that once you’ve established a musical identity that it need be set in stone. Great artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young have continually reinvented their personas and music throughout their careers.

Step #8

Create great graphics. How many logos do you have in your brain right now that are recognizable symbols for legendary bands? You want to build the same kind of “brand awareness” for your music by creating a memorable logo and graphics. Make sure the logo is legible/identifiable in a wide range of sizes and that you use it everywhere your name appears: posters, flyers, press releases, letters, business cards, stationery, websites, and CD covers.

Step #9

Stop making the same foolish mistakes over and over. Insanity has been described as repeating the same habit continually while expecting a different result. As a musician you may find yourself not wanting to rehearse, yet frustrated that your musical abilities never progress. Or, as a songwriter, you may get upset when you keep backing yourself into a corner with an awkward rhyme scheme, yet find yourself continuing to use it. All of us at times get trapped in creative dead-ends, but the way out is not through repeating the same moves that got us there in the first place. Challenge yourself to find new inspirations, and develop at least one new creative technique a month.

Step #10

Don’t ever stop making music. One sure way to gain some level of success as a musician is simply to not stop being one. There is no one timetable or path to success. Most artists termed “overnight successes” are in reality years in the making. If you find yourself approaching the creative act of making music as a chore, what is the point in that? Some of the most successful musicians out there are people who simply never stopped making their own music, performing it regularly, and finding a comfortable way to go about doing the business of their music. They could not not make music. Are you that passionate? Would a part of you die without your being able to make your music? If so, just keep doing it, the rest will follow.

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.
 —–Yola Dulcet —–

ABOUT : Unique City Entertainment (UCE) –  ALLEGIANCE |@Unique City Entertainment 

Unique City Entertainment (UCE) is a Nigerian-based record label founded in 2014, corking with the aim of influencing lifestyle, global sound, and to revamp in supporting and promoting upcoming music artists. As well the label is prominently known by her debut Hip-Hop Rap Anthem “Allegiance” recorded by her affiliated members  which include Flablaiss, Tcoal, Teeborne, Samyjeff, Eldino, Kizzy and Djbrown. To Download, Listen & Share The Hit Track, Click Here

Check Their Faces & Names Below :-

1Flablaiss (Real Name : Joshua Urbanus 

2. T-coal (Real Name : Theophilus Nikes 

3. El-dino (Real Name : Musa Suleiman ) 

4. Teeborne (Real Name : Timothy Bello Saint )  

5. Samyjeff (Real Name : Samuel Kwantar 

6. Kizzy (Real Name : Ezekiel Tumba 

7. DJ Brown (Real Name : Joshua Benson 

For More Booking Inquiry Contact : +2347088459134, +2348160624607 

Or Send a mail

DOWNLOAD AUDIO : Lil Dozo –  Mama |@iamLilDozo

MAMA” a song well written and composed by “Lil Dozo” to appreciate all beautiful and strong mothers across Africa for the love and support they give to their children even in tough times portraying the strength of an African mother and sure MAMA AFRICA is proud!

Produced and M&M by Mr Trust ..

“God Bless All the MAMA In The Whole World” – Lil Dozo

Download, Listen & Share “Lil Dozo –  MAMA” below:-


Lil Dozo – MAMA Lyrics:

Verse 1

Just like 1 2 3

See my mama’s always there 

She never sleeps all day

She dey hustle for the bread

To make a nigga grow no beans I dey tell

Nine months in the belle no b well

Mama gat the biggest affection

She never let you go not to mention

And all that I can say is thank you mama

Jah gan bless u ehh

See I dy pray for my mama

I go down on ma kneels for your matter

I still bless the day you brought me to this world

You showed me me love

Say me promise to stay true to what you told me

U said just work hard and the sky’s gan be ur limit


Mama ehh

Say am singing this song for my mama

(For my mama)

See am thanking the lord for u mama

(For my mama)

Mama Africa 2x

Verse 2

See mama you’re the realest that I know

The smile on your face dey gimmi ginja for me show

Say wetin man go do

I need to be by you all the days of my life

You’re a blessing and I promise to wipe you’re tears

Even in the heavens mama have no fear

See no regets ehh ehh aii

See I dey pray for my mama

I go down down on ma kneels for your matter

I still bless the day you brought me to this world you showed me love

And me promise to stay true to what you told me

You said just work hard and the Sky’s gan be your limit

Mama ehh



Helle mama helle mama helle mama hellele mama 5x

For your struggles everyday me I promise to wipe your tears

You are my lover my best friend the one i can lean unto

My African mama so bold and so beautiful

So bold and so beautiful

Mama ehhhhh

Chorus 2x